Aurora (she/her) is an advocate of open-minded curiosity, kindness, radical inclusivity and finding joy within the challenges of life. As a metaphysical humanist and psychic medium, she strives to make spiritual matters practical and relevant to all clients. Aurora chooses to perceive every moment as meaningful, responsibly creates change where it is needed, and owns her impact in all of the worlds. She hopes to inspire those who come to her for counsel to do the same.

An expert of cycles and archetypes, Aurora is deeply committed to practical interpretations that are action-oriented. She analyzes the patterns and stories relayed to her with care: shaping responses that are relevant, respectful, and easy to understand. She is proud to do this work as an Evolutionary Astrologer, tarot reader, UX researcher, Human-Centered designer, event organizer, jewelry-smith, and spiritual mentor.

When she is not doing readings or facilitating workshops, Aurora actively integrates empathy into big tech. Both her day job and soul work overlap: shaping a future where accessibility, consent, diversity, equity, healthy boundaries, and inclusion are mainstream within the products and services being created.

In March of 2020, Aurora and Tere Parsley Starnes co-founded Starsdance Mystery School: sharing Queer Astrology with the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies over the internet. She intentionally crafted the school’s website using User-Centered design methods to create a welcoming atmosphere for students of all backgrounds and life experiences.

In her free time, this oracle enjoys: rollerskating, listening to audio books read by their authors, spending time with her sweet niece, the intimacy that comes with true friendship, and making up songs about daily life. She currently resides in a colorfully decorated home that she shares with her dog Neptune and his darling sister: Little the Cat in the Morningside area of Pittsburgh, PA.

You can also connect with Aurora on Instagram, Facebook, Mercari and Poshmark.

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  4. Greetings and blessings Aurora. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I have only been on here a short while and already know that I will enjoy all of your posts. I find you and your topics completely fascinating and look forward to following them. Have a wonderful day.


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