Aurora (she/hir) is an advocate of living by the code of one’s own personal truths. Hir belief system centers around the concept of Magic in the Mundane: a choice to perceive every moment as meaningful, responsibly create change where it is needed and own hir impact in all of the worlds.

A synergist who adores puzzles, Aurora strives to make magic accessible to all those who choose to explore it’s mysterious power. She unfolds the fabric of hir own personal Mysteries through hir work as an astrologer, tarot reader, graphic designer, photographer, and jewelry-maker.

Aurora is a co-founder and Media Cell member-at-large of ReclaimingPGH and a Reclaiming initiate of the Bone and Briar line. A seasoned graphic designer with over a decade of experience: she loves to conjure media that intentionally spotlights the services of other independent business owners she believes in.

In 2020, Aurora and Tere co-founded Starsdance Astrology Online Mystery School: sharing their modern expressions of the tradition and queer magic practices of astrology over the internet. Registration to their next course: Conjuring is OPEN! Click here to become a student ✨ You can also find them spinning cyber-webs of stardust via: starsdance.mysteryschool (Instagram) Starsdance Mystery School (Facebook)

Aurora also facilitates workshops online as well as in-person on the topics of tarot, astrology, Reclaiming practices and general witchery. Subscribe to hir blog to stay up to date with hir offerings!

In hir free time, this oracle enjoys: curling up with a good cup of coffee, staring up at the night sky, the intimacy that comes with true friendship and making up songs about daily life. She currently resides in a colorfully decorated home that she shares with hir bone-foraging partner and two sweet cats located in the Garfield area of Pittsburgh, PA.

You can also find Aurora on Facebook, Mercari and Poshmark sharing hir magic with the world.

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