Tarot is one form of divination: the practice of accessing deep levels of wisdom for the purpose of advice and guidance. Traditional decks are comprised of 78-cards that are visual, symbolic representations of what we experience during life as human beings. There is a great deal of mystery around them, as the creator is unknown.

Some people believe that sages of the three primary religions in 11th Century France and Spain foretold of a separation of their faiths and they worked together to create this deck for the sake of maintaining a dogma-free connection to spirit. Others believe that it was an revolt against this separation of community for the personal gain of those in positions of power. Regardless of the source, these cards strike fear and wonder in the hearts of those who use them.


Life is messy and complicated. We experience everything on multiple levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, culturally, socially, and spiritually. All of these realities happen simultaneously and can be nothing short of overwhelming. Sometimes we need a little extra help.

The cards are a tool of both separation and unity. Readers lay them out with an intention or question, see each individual factor that is contributing to the situation and serve as interpreters for the seeker. The images of the tarot access deep levels of truth that ignite conscious awareness. The information from these readings allow us to pull everything apart, while also witnessing a glimpse of the big picture.


There are infinite ways to use this form of divination, and readings are as diverse as each reader. I use tarot cards wielding the philosophy that all of the answers that we need lie within us. I do not use prophecy, nor do I deliver non-negotiable outcomes in my readings, as there is no use in giving up our agency. There is power in the present.

My intention as a tarot reader is to empower the seeker. I believe that we are divinely capable beings that are able to create the change we need to have the lives that we truly desire. In a reading, I listen to my client first. Then the cards are laid out and a discussion begins about the elements present, how they apply to the current situation and potential options for working the energy. Tarot triggers emotions, which serve as a personal system of guidance: your feelings from the reading allow you to give yourself the best advice available in the moment. From there, it’s the seeker that applies the information as they see fit.

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As it goes with our Universe, nothing is guaranteed. I am not a doctor or therapist and should not be utilized in lieu of medical or therapeutic advice. I cannot be held responsible for any actions taken or not taken based on our time together and there will be no refunds.

Although there are no guarantees, I am willing to participate in this Work with you. Together, the cards and a safe space for heightened awareness allow for a closer look at the situation you bring to the table. Where there is willingness to See what is, there is potential for change.

I offer three options for readings: a 30-minute for $50, 60-minute for $80 and a 90-minute for $100. If you suffer from economic hardship and cannot afford the prices listed above, feel free to contact me to discuss other options.

Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, I am booking readings on a case by case basis. When Allegheny County’s risk level is low, I am also available for markets, fairs, public and private events.

Please visit my contact page to request your reading today!


6 comments on “Tarot

  1. My reading with Aurora was insightful and expansive even in the face of the cards showing many obstacles to achieving my desired outcome. I found her interpretation to be deep and thoughtful and demonstrated a great understanding of the cards and how a reading works as a whole. One of the best readings I have had. Highly recommend!


  2. Aurora is a skillful and curious witch when facilitating workshops, always considering what she can learn from teaching. As a tarot reader (and her other divination services) she is thoughtful, intuitive, and patient. Her divination style is very different from what you might expect, she asks questions to help seekers find the answers that are already embedded within them and she has a complex understanding of the nuances of the Tarot. She goes beyond the descriptive meaning of the cards to unearth the parts that connect deeply with those she reads for. I would highly recommend her as a Tarot and Rune reader as well as a facilitator. I am looking forward to using her astrological services for a formal reading of my natal chart!


  3. Tere Parsley Starnes

    I love Aurora’s reading style. She listens and reframes when necessary. Her ability to reflect what I am feeling and then give me a new perspective has really be valuable. So glad to have a Tarot reader who has a queer perspective. I recommend Aurora!


  4. Juniper Caldera

    Aurora is a pleasure to work with. She was responsive to needs and desires, set a tone of deep listening and responded with insight and compassion. I 10/10 highly recommend


  5. I wish I had the words to describe how I felt after my readings with Aurora, but I honestly don’t think I can do her justice. Things that were unclear and stressful for me were put in perspective, things that were weighing on me were lifted, I felt seen, I felt heard, and I felt as though Aurora really understood me and the things I questions I had for the universe. I took notes during my readings and look back on them often, continuing to draw strength and clarity from the cards and her words. Aurora has been a blessing in my life and an essential part of my journey.


  6. Aurora is one of a kind! You can feel her humble, caring, kind, beautiful spirit as soon as she says, “hello.”
    I have received several readings from her, and they’re are always spot on. I’m not very familiar with tarot, but she always takes time to explain anything I may not understand, and will always go a little deeper during the reading when I ask.
    A reading from her is always comfortable, and her aura helps me feel open and accepting of the whole process.
    Whether you’re a first timer, or have readings done regularly, I would absolutely recommend Aurora!


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