Our 2020 course catalogue has been finalized!

We will be offering five courses this cycle between the beginning of Aries season in March until the end of Pisces season in February of 2021. Read onward for a description of each one! For a breakdown of the fee options listed, please visit our Tuition page.

DATES: March 24th – April 22nd
DURATION: One month
COST: $40 – $50 (sliding scale)

“If we surrendered to the Earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted like trees.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Starsdance magic honors the wisdom of the Earth as we look to the stars for inspiration and guidance. This class offers a framework for using astrology in magical practices. We will cover philosophical and ethical approaches to queer magic, which honors our birthright of joyful authenticity grounded in sacred relationship. Love fuels our magic and extends to encompass both Sky and Earth. Inspired by the stars, we will create altars, set intention, practice divination skills, ritualize the transits of the moment, and deepen devotional relationship with the Sky, Earth, and Mystery.

This class begins at the Aries new Moon. Together, we leap into astrology-based magic to nurture fresh beginnings. All our classes include at least one webinar that students will be able to attend live or view later, instructional materials, portions of the Starsdance Mystery School workbook, and online discussion.

DATES: May 22 – August 14th
DURATION: Three months
COST: $90 – $120 (sliding scale)

The Godds of astrology – the planets and celestial bodies – are the teachers, guides, and companions to knowing our truest selves. Authenticity is queer.

“Queerness isn’t about who you love, it is about daring to love who you love.”

Donald Engstrom-Reese

Queerness lives in contrast to dominant culture, daring to question and challenge messages that keep us smaller and disconnected. Queerness challenges assumptions about gender, about worthiness, about cultural values. Queerness challenges internalized systems of oppression. The planets are here for that!

In this class we will deepen relationship with the planets and queer our understanding of who they are and what they tell us about who we are. We will spend one week on each celestial traveler: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

SECTION #1: Gifts from the Godds — retelling our stories with Tere Parsley Starnes

This section of the workbook relates the stories of the planetary Godds through the lens of healing and liberation. What are the stories of oppression we have inherited? What gifts do the Godds offer for repair? This section offers:

★ Myth and lore
★ An understanding of each planet from the perspective of Queer astrology
★ Personal reflection about the planet

SECTION #2: A Sensual Encounter — Invoking the Planets with Aurora Dawning

This section of the workbook is intentionally designed to sift into our daily lives through experiential exercises. We will explore the qualities of each Planetary Godd through our sensory bodies in co-creative ways:

★ Lists of traditional and queer magical correlations PDF
★ Playlists via Spotify
★ Questions and exercises to investigate our daily interactions with the planets
★ Evocative digital art

The best part? You don’t have to choose which section you want to do! Both are included with the price of the course. They can be done simultaneously in a supportive online community OR do one now and save one for later.

Our experiences have things to teach us- and the Planets are already engaging with us! By the end of this course, you will have intimately encountered each Godd at some level and cultivated your own ability to connect with Them in a way that best works for you and your lifestyle.

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DATES: August 30th – October 7th
DURATION: Five weeks
COST: $45 – $60 (sliding scale)

Astrology’s 12 signs are the seasons of soul -12 expressions of the Sun’s purpose, the Moon’s need, Mercury’s thought, Venus’ beauty, Mars’ desire, Jupiter’s belief, and Saturn’s mastery. The signs are the conjuring of intention. Working with the signs, we learn how to align our magic with the season. We learn how to work with the energy of the moment.

In this class, we follow the Moon in real time through each sign over the course of one lunar cycle to enhance your understanding of each sign’s power and energy. This class covers the Queer elements of astrology and the genetics of a sign. With an understanding of the signs, we conjure deeper relationship with the Cosmos. All our classes include at least one webinar that students will be able to attend live or view later, instructional materials, portions of the Starsdance Mystery School workbook, and online discussion  

DATES: November 14th (new moon) – December 14th (new moon)
DURATION: One month
COST: $40 – $50 (sliding scale)

Queer magic affirms the authentic self rooted in relationship. Queer magic dares to embrace fluidity to dismantle oppression. The Moon’s fluidity of phases shows us how to embrace our fluid selves to create change. The Moon’s rhythmic cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth shows us how to change the worlds.

Moon-based magic is based on the Moon’s rhythms. We begin with the setting of intention at the new Moon, and follow the Moon through phases of challenge, illumination, and harvest. We will explore the scaffolding upon which to build rooted relationship with the Sky and Earth—the eight phases of the Moon. These eight phases describe the primal cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. This cycle is the plant’s cycle, which is the pattern that magic takes to manifest change and rooted relationship. 

The Moon has been teaching these things since the dawn of time. In this class, we set a spell of intention following the Moon through the signs and phases. All our classes include at least one webinar that students will be able to attend live or view later, instructional materials, portions of the Starsdance Mystery School workbook, and online discussion

DATES: January 12th (new moon) – March 2nd
DURATION: Six weeks
COST: $80 – $95 (sliding scale)

Did you realize the planetary Godds were having a conversation about you? They are, through the aspects they make with each other. An aspect is a particular geometric distance between planets and/or points in the chart. Each type of aspect has its own energetic tone describing the nature of the conversation. This dialog takes us beyond sign and house to another level of understanding what the Godds were saying to each other when you were born and what that have to say about you now. 

Aspects are a key part of astrological interpretation. They apply to qualities in the natal chart and to the ongoing conversations the planets are having through transits, We will cover these aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, and opposition. Students will learn how to recognize aspects quickly in a chart and to understand the concept of orbs and synodic cycles (cycles of aspects between two planets).

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