Many hives of Reclaiming witchcraft exist all over the globe. Pittsburgh is one of the fortunate cities with a diverse collective of eclectic witches that host rituals, perform workshops, offer skill shares at minimal to no cost and create interactive communities on multiple social media platforms.

We are an open group in the Pittsburgh area practicing in the Reclaiming and Feri traditions of witchcraft. Our rituals are designed for age 18+ unless otherwise noted in the event description. Below is our mission:

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Our Vision

We desire to create a growing body of workshops and classes in person and online for increasing personal and social power while building healthy community in the Pittsburgh area. We believe magic changes the world through changing our consciousness at will, and we commit to bringing that magical change into our community.

★ We strive for relevance, honesty, and integrity
★ We honour truth telling, deep & unflinching listening, and authentic emotion
★ We empower ourselves, each other, and our community to action

We value shared overt leadership, and acknowledge that those who invest the most energy are the primary shapers of this community. We foster cooperation and interconnection and we welcome all faiths, genders, races, and ethnicities.

Our Rituals are Ecstatic, Improvisational, an Ensemble, Inspired, and Organic.

To find out more information about ReclaimingPGH, view our schedule of upcoming events and join our growing community, you can find us on the web, Facebook and Instagram.

This statement is a combination of our original vision developed in 2015 and has been adapted based on brainstorming and discussion by group members in the Spring of 2016.