Jewelry is a meaningful way of expressing oneself. We look through websites and scour the stores around us to find the perfect necklace, or pendant that compliments our own features: our personalities and values made manifest. Sometimes we find JUST the right one, other times it’s out of reach… If only it were longer, silver, more green, used a few more Serpentine crystals!

smaller serpent
“Dawning” rosary created in honor of the Greek Goddess Eos

As a jeweler, Aurora’s most fulfilling projects have always been creating custom pieces for clients. Often, they are dedicated to a deity and spell work. Other times, it is one adornment that they have always wanted, but never found in the physical world. She listens to her clients for whatever their unique desire may be; whether it is something completely new or an old piece of jewelry that needs some fresh life.

“Athena” set of prayer beads featuring hematite stones

When Aurora collaborates with her clients, they discuss what the intention is for each piece: what elements must be present, which colors and tones are important, and how they want to feel when they wear it. They talk deities, mythology, personal practices and wardrobe to come up with what jewelry needs to be birthed into being. When it is completed, they complete the Work with a custom fitting so that it sits just right.

Various assortment of hand-crafted acorn earrings

As of May 2019, Aurora is available for commissions! To schedule a consult, please click the contact button in the menu above, select “jewelry commissions” from the drop down menu, briefly describe your desires and she will contact you shortly to schedule a consult!

Two-of-a-kind Silver moon bracelets in honor of Ross and Violet’s friendship

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