Below is a gallery of jewelry that Aurora has created that includes a list of the elements included in each piece as well as their inspiration. She hopes to reopen her online shop in the coming months! Stay tuned or contact her for more information.



DATE:    June 2018
CONTENTS:   Bear knuckle bones, black leather, nickel-free brass jump rings
INSPIRATION: My mentor and Reclaiming initiator, Boneweaver. She identifies with (and loves) Bear: who is a courageous being that stands against adversity as a leader. Her service as a deathworker reminds me of the black coil of mortals spun by the Fates: woven, lots drawn and cut for each living creature. I respect her ability to share deep Truth with those who are willing to listen and wanted to commemorate a special occasion with a personalized gift just for her.


“My Scrying Eye”

DATE:    December 2016
CONTENTS:   Smokey quartz, copper chain, magnetic clasp, embellished gray cats eye pendant
INSPIRATION: The haze of a dark, smokey mirror that allows a curious onlooker to see the future. Smokey quartz rids the seer of negativity while this cats eye pendant teases the eye, inviting one’s psychic abilities out from the deep subconscious. Scrying is an ancient divination practice of witches: this necklace was created with the intention of allowing the wearer to invoke their own intuitive abilities so that they may See what Is.



DATE:    December 2016
CONTENTS:   Serpentine stones, copper wire, magnetic clasp
INSPIRATION: The wonderous colors of the aurora borealis. These beads glow depending on the light that shine upon them, just like the magical lights of the northern night sky.



DATE:    September 2016
CONTENTS:   Hematite beads, dark silver wire, no-nonsense magnetic clasp
INSPIRATION: The Norse deity Hel who rules Helheim: the realm underground where the dead reside. It is made of the darkest silver wire and hematite stones, which connect us to the center of our Earth. This statement necklace can be worn as a way to ground if one is feeling flighty, while doing death work and/or when an outfit can only be completed by wearing an elaborate neck-piece.



DATE:    September 2016
CONTENTS:   Garnet, goldstone, agate and carnelian beads, copper wire
INSPIRATION:  The hues and energy of autumn. These earring strive to ground you down and light you up.


“Blood on the Moon”

DATE:    September 2016
CONTENTS:   Tiger’s eye, red tiger’s eye, bronze wire, magnetic bronze clasp
INSPIRATION: This bracelet is an ode to Gilly Owens from Practical Magic, who could never find her damn Tiger’s Eye when she needed it.



DATE:    September 2016
CONTENTS:   Marble-painted beads, silver wire, silver feather charms, magnetic clasp
INSPIRATION: The hand of Justice and what it might wear. What is the sound of silver-feathers flapping? Sounds like free speech and deep Truth to me.



DATE:    September 2016
CONTENTS:   Red Tiger’s Eye, copper wire, bronze Mjölnir replica
INSPIRATION: Mjölnir (also known as Thor’s Hammer) is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Norse tradition. This weapon, carried by the God of Thunder, was said to have the ability to level mountains… it is the tool that never fails Him. It is worn for protection and serves as a reminder that Thor’s reign has not been forgotten.



DATE:    September 2016
CONTENTS:   Garnet, purple glass beads, iridescent amber-colored beads, red painted ceramic beads, silver wire, silver feather charms
INSPIRATION:  Tinker Bell’s jingle in Peter Pan.



DATE:    August 2016
CONTENTS:   Fancy Jasper beads, painted ceramic beads, silver chain, silver wire, recycled silver purse strap
INSPIRATION:  The Titan of Greek Myth named Atlas, who carried the heavens on his shoulders, informed mortals about Astronomy and symbolized endurance.



DATE:    August 2016
CONTENTS:   Silver charms, silver chain, silver clasp
INSPIRATION:  The early Nintendo game that encouraged players to obtain goods and charms in order to connect with the Princess Zelda.



DATE:    August 2016
CONTENTS:   Glass beads (various colors), copper chain, copper rings, copper wire
INSPIRATION:  The second of three sisters known as The Fates in Greek Mythology. Lachesis distributed the “lots” of life to each human being that was woven by her sister, Atropos and eventually “cut” by her sister Clotho.



DATE:    August 2016
CONTENTS:   Green ceramic beads, Fancy Jasper, rough-cut amber colored beads, Garnet, copper wire, copper bead ends
INSPIRATION:  The Norse Goddess Frigg (wife of Odin) who is one of the highest ranking deity of the Aesir.


★  Front/Back   ★



DATE:    June 2016
CONTENTS:   Topaz-colored beads, cerulean-colored beads, gold wire, copper chain, gold leaf clasp, gold reversible moth/faery pendant
INSPIRATION:  The simple, yet elegant life of the colorful Luna Moth: existing for a short time (without sustenance) to Love and connect.

smaller serpent

“Steady Eye of the Serpent”

DATE:    February 2016
CONTENTS:    Serpentine stones, silver wire and chain, glass snake-eye pendant
INSPIRATION:     Devotional work with Medusa and The Unflinching Gaze


“Breaking the Egg”

DATE:    January 2016
CONTENTS:   Fancy jasper stones, purple cat-eye stones, bronze wire, bronze chain, copper faux bird skull INSPIRATION:  The diligence of a bird of prey and an ode to all creatures that take flight.



DATE:    May 2015
CONTENTS:   red tiger’s eye, goldstone, citrine, amber colored glass, gold pearls, copper chain mail, copper bead-ends, copper wire and an owl clasp.
INSPIRATION:     The myth of Freyja acquiring Brísingamen and claiming her personal power (story re-written and Reclaimed at SpiralHeart Witchcamp 2015)



DATE:    June 2014
CONTENTS:   Various green-painted beads, silver accents, silver wire, assorted feathers
INSPIRATION:  The breeze that comes from a wing the moment before a bird takes flight.



DATE:    June 2014
CONTENTS:   Silver accents, silver wire, silver chain, silver beads, African Turquoise
INSPIRATION: The elegant energy of The Empress and the nature that flourishes around her.


“Simmering Embers”

DATE:    June 2014
CONTENTS:   Silver accents, silver wire, garnet, red glass beads, orange glass bead, yellow glass bead
INSPIRATION: The soothing feeling that comes from the sight of a controlled fire. Where we warm up, where we come together.


“Electric Swirl”

DATE:    June 2014
CONTENTS:   Silver wire, garnet, silver beads, rose-gold beads, painted ceramic beads
INSPIRATION: The buzz of the trees and nature after a thunder storm.

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