Starsdance Astrology Online Mystery School offers multiple options of involvement and payment. We utilize a sliding scale system to make the tuition more accessible to various levels of income. Here is an explanation of our tuition and our philosophy:

Cost: Monthly fee $20 – $30 (sliding scale)
Availability: Before each course begins
Includes: Access to all course materials | a printer-friendly PDF workbook | an opportunity to connect with other students via supportive online community | Tere’s daily Follow the Moon Forecasts | access to our seasoned astrologers for questions in the realms of astrology and magic

The intention of this option is to make our tuition more budget-friendly on a monthly basis. If you cannot afford the Full Enrollment option, this is a great way to go! You will still receive all the benefits of enrollment, but be making automated payments on the 20th of each month.

While we do understand that budgets change over time, we ask for at least a six-month commitment before you consider cancelling your subscription.

★ Cost: varies (sliding scale)
★ Availability: Before each course begins
★ Includes: Course materials for that specific class | select pages of our printer-friendly PDF workbook | an opportunity to connect with other students via supportive online community | access to our seasoned astrologers for questions in the realms of astrology and magic

Can’t commit to a full year of queer astrology, but still interested in some of our course offerings? No problem! We give you the option to register per class and embark on a journey of self-discovery while studying astrology in the realm of your choosing.

All Payments can be made via PayPal

The following text serves as a description of our intention behind offering a sliding scale option to our community, while also making sure that we are being justly compensated for our work. It is based on those from Ride Free Fearless Money, Pronoia Coaching, Little Red Bird Botanicals, and Underground Alchemy. You can find a link to the original text here.

“We value EVERYTHING each person brings to the Circle, not just financial support. AND: we gotta get paid to keep putting on the Circles! 

We charge using a sliding scale. It isn’t a perfect way to correct for the unfair, harmful economic system we live in, but it’s a start.

[We welcome the sharing of] complicated economic stories … but for now, please choose a payment for CCDC that feels truly generous. 

What we mean by that is: 

We hope that you’ll pay an amount that feels like generosity: you can afford the payment, but may have to cut back on things like dinners out, new clothes, an extra trip or vacation, or other non-essential (but nice!) things (things you want, rather than things you need).

That amount totally depends on what situation you’re coming from, and ultimately it’s up to you to decide what to pay. If paying for the class doesn’t affect your day to day reality at all, please consider paying more until it feels truly generous. Paying more means you’re supporting others to access the circle, and guaranteeing that more circles happen.

We do NOT want paying for this Circle to be a hardship. That means, if the payment is so much you will struggle to pay for rent, food, transportation, and other basic needs, that’s harmful, and we ask you to pay LESS or even NOTHING. 

Consider paying LESS on the scale if you:

★ Support kids or other dependents, including extended family members you are taking care of
★ Have significant debt that’s affecting your day to day life
★ Have medical expenses not covered by insurance
★ Receive public assistance
★ Have immigration-related expenses
★ Are an elder with limited financial support
★ Are an unpaid community organizer (without family wealth or networks to support you)
★ Have been denied work because you’ve been in prison

Consider paying MORE on the scale if you:

★ Own the home you live in
★ Have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
★ Travel recreationally
★ Have access to family money and resources in times of need
★ Work part time by choice
★ Have more possible earning power from: being able bodied, having a college degree, social networks, family connections, gender, race, and other advantages. (Even if you are not using your earning power right now, recognize this as a choice not to use the resources you might have that others don’t.)”

We want this community to be available to as many people as possible: Have you read and considered the text above, but still find yourself unable to meet the lower side of our sliding scale options? Please contact us at to discuss other options.

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