Meet the Muse: Raven

Behold those that have inspired me to create. Each muse now wields a piece of art that was influenced by their uniqueness. This is an evolving endeavor and below is the first woman to be featured in this series. Check her out!

Meet Raven:



Raven is a feminist blogger and writer that has a penchant for the Beat Generation. She was recently published in the book “Out of the Shadows: Beat Women Are Not Beaten Women” and was a featured speaker at the European Beat Studies Network Conference in Brussels. In her spare time, she loves to Cosplay, participates in Circus exercise classes, travels the world and gives lots of love to her roommate’s dog, Knuckles.


the curious night


“The Curious Night” was created just for her. It was inspired by her love of Peter Pan (as well as many other androgynous characters in the media) and her ability to rock a bow tie underneath a sport coat. This piece features a brass key with a simple amber-colored bead, which serves as the pendant for this lovely long, black suede necklace wrapped in a rusted bronze wire.


“The Curious Night” created by VasalisaTheWitch


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