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Meet the Muse: Brittany

Meet Brittany:



Brittany is a writer and poet that is eclectically woven into the art-scene of her city. A Non-Fiction Editor of IDK Magazine, she helps select written work that “disobeys social norms [and] empowers the collective body of future humanity” to be published online for the millennial generation. Brittany also teaches creative writing classes at rehabilitation centers in Pittsburgh: using tarot cards, fairy tales and magical realism to encourage women to write about their addiction and trauma.




“Superstition” earrings were created just for her. They were inspired by Brittany’s fashion versatility: her ability to transition between ensembles like a flowing dress and sunhat to breeches and a blazer is a skill that she has nailed down. This set features a single garnet stone, a hazy green marble bead, an amber-colored bead, copper wire and strands of copper chain. They were made to be worn with any outfit Brittany might construct.


“Superstition” earrings by VasalisaTheWitch


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