ReclaimingPGH’s April Skill Share – Spell Candles

ReclaimingPGH is hosting their first community skill share: a donation based workshop hosted by witches who will teach participants how to create devotional spell candles!


On Saturday, April 28th from 4pm – 8pm, ReclaimingPGH will be hosting their first community skill share: creating devotional spell candles!

Skill shares are locally hosted workshops lead by Reclaiming witches on a variety of magical topics. They are intentionally donation based (with the exception of supplies: either brought by participants or provided by facilitators for a small cost) so that those of varying income levels may have the opportunity to learn about witchcraft and level up their own magical expertise.

The following is from the ReclaimingPGH April skill share Facebook event:

Magazines, Mod Podge, and other craft supplies will be provided, but we encourage you to bring more! (And Snacks, we always accept snacks: NO PEANUTS. A participant has a severe peanut allergy.)

Ideas of supplies: children’s books, calendars, poetry (your own printed out, something you love printed out, or books of!), stickers, glitter…. and wherever your imagination takes you!

Please bring your own candle – they can be purchased at many local grocery stores or dollar-type stores for about $2 each. Example photos will be added to the event soon.

This event takes place at a private residence in the Beechview Neighborhood of Pittsburgh (Juniper’s House). Juniper requests RSVPs for the event by Wednesday 4/25/18 for planning purposes. Space is limited.


For further details please visit ReclaimingPGH’s Facebook page for this skill share and others! You can also fill out the ReclaimingPGH skill share survey to submit your own desires and ideas for spreading the magical skills around our Pittsburgh area.

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