ReclaimingPGH’s Spring Ritual


Join us, the witches of ReclaimingPGH, on Saturday, May 12th from 6:30 – 9:00pm in Swissvale area of Pittsburgh, PA for our Spring Ritual!

Our intention: “Like flowers, we unfold and nourish community.”

ReclaimingPGH is the Pittsburgh chapter of Reclaiming witchcraft. For the 2018 cycle, our local community voted to explore the theme of bees during our four seasonal rituals scheduled for this year. The Ritual Planning Cell of ReclaimingPGH has come together to brainstorm, organize and facilitate this evening of nourishing magic.

We are calling to all those who would like to experience a pagan ritual done Reclaiming-style to join us!

What can you expect from a Reclaiming ritual?

Our sacred gatherings are opportunities for introspection, self-discovery, shifting energy and cultivating a deep connection with others. Reclaiming Rituals are: Ecstatic (high energy that is pleasurable), Improvisational (without a script and spontaneous), an Ensemble (non-hierarchical where many witches share roles to make magic like music), Inspired (discovering and celebrating new ways to experience the sacred in our world today) and Organic (embracing the wild nature of energy that is alive and ever-changing.) For more information about Reclaiming style rituals, see A Working Definition of Reclaiming by Starhawk.

We believe that everyone that shows up is a vital part of the magic created by the group and strive to be radically inclusive. This is not ritual theater: you will be invited to participate as you feel called! Please bring a fresh flower/s for the altar, a water bottle, and a snack for sharing (no shellfish or peanut products: severe allergies).

For up to date information about this event and request the address of the venue, please visit the ReclaimingPGH Spring Ritual event page on Facebook.


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