SpiralHeart Witchcamp 2018


Join the collective of witches known as SpiralHeart for their annual Witchcamp in the depths of Artemis, PA from July 16th – July 22nd! Every year, community members vote on a myth to open together in sacred space that will allow for deep, meaningful transformation within each witch and all of the Worlds. Read on to find out more about this event from SpiralHeart’s event page:

2018 Intention: Transforming amidst forces greater than ourselves, we steadfastly turn the Pentacle for all the worlds.


Spiralheart Camp is a week long, magical, intensive in the Reclaiming Tradition of Earth based spirituality. Participants spend a week in sacred space exploring, living, and participating in deep, powerful ritual with a supportive community. You will have the opportunity to study magic and ritual with like minded folks in a truly stunning setting. Camp is hosted in South Central Pennsylvania on the beautiful land of Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary. Witchcamp is offered to all persons (18 and over) at all levels of experience. Newcomers can learn the basic skills of magic and ritual, while those with more experience can deepen their practice and hone their skills. We aim to interweave intensive daily pathwork with evening rituals to facilitate the transformation of self, and world.


This year we are working with the story of Cerridwen and the Pentacle of the Great Turning. Our Ritual Arc Team (affectionately called the RAT) spends all year working with the story to craft the energetic arc, and evening rituals, of camp. Engaging with the camp story early in the year is a great way to begin sinking into the magic of camp. Once you’ve read the full story there are lots of ways to start connecting with others who will be sharing your camp experience. You can head over to our Facebook page to keep up to date on camp info, and join the discussion. In years past we’ve even had special Facebook groups for connecting with the energies of the story; this year, there may be one designed around connecting with Cerridwen! More details to come soon.


Each year Spiralheart is privileged to offer a number paths of varying course material and skill level. In 2018 you will be able to choose from the following paths:


Spiralheart is proud to function as a Camper-Led Camp. This means that we believe in recognizing the skill inherent in our own community, and doing our best to invest in our community members. Most of our workshops and paths are facilitated by folks who volunteer to do so, and who are members of our own, local, community. Because we also believe in broadening our range of experience and skill base as much as possible, we also try to bring in mentors from outside of Spiralheart to act as Community Enrichment. This year one of our Guest Mentors will be facilitating a Ritual Energetics Path, while the other will help facilitate a path on Dispelling White Supremacy. Click on any of the names below to find out more about our 2018 Facilitation Team.


Registration can be submitted online HERE and payment can be submitted via PayPal. The registration fee includes all lodging, workshops, activities and food for the week. We do our best to balance the individual needs of our community members with the necessity of remaining a financially viable non-profit organization. Every year the Spiralheart board meets and decides upon the fee for that year. In order to ensure camp is accessible to people of all economic levels, we offer a number of different options for those in need of financial assistance— including a limited number of scholarships, work-exchange, and discounted registration for those who qualify. Details are available on the registration form, which will open up in late March.”

Stay up to date regarding this camp, community meetings and all of their magical happenings by visiting Spiralheart’s Facebook page or Spiralheart’s website!



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