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Conjuring Signs

Curious about the true potency of the moon? Looking for an opportunity to explore the dynamic cycle of the signs of the zodiac? Sounds like this next class might be for you!

Science tells us that the moon is vital to life on this earth. As creatures that are 60% water: we are impacted just as much as the tides, weather and seasons…. but did you know the moon has different flavors? Personalities? Needs? Plans? Goals?

We are not talking about the phases of the moon,
but the signs of the moon.

The moon flows through each sign if the zodiac in about two and a half days. This means that the qualities and traits of those signs are actually viscerally present via the moon’s energy every single month. They can be sensed, felt, embraced and honored if we are paying attention: choosing to notice it is half of the work!

Curious about this dynamic, but too busy to track it by yourself?

Starting on August 30th, we will begin a group working that explores this cycle. We will email timed PDFs that will show up in your inbox as soon as the moon changes signs. All you have to do is be ready, check it as soon as you’re able, read our handy one-page descriptions and live your life! (Knowing of course, that you have the ability to make the best of the energy that is available.)

It’s sort of like bringing an umbrella on the rainy days, flip flops to the beach or fluttering to your basement during a tornado.

Pricing: options for payment and membership

We know that life is pretty unpredictable and intense right now. It is our intention to offer magical, meaningful learning opportunities that are both fun and manageable to finish. Our community is always open to newcomers, but our classes are only open for admission until they begin.

Here are your options that we hope will best serve your needs:

★ Just this course 👉 $45 – $60 (sliding scale)
★ Become a year-long student 👉 $20 – $30 (sliding scale)

Click here to read more about the philosophy of our sliding scale model

When you register for this online course, will also receive access to our Discord classroom: for support from other folx who are also doing this work and chatting about their own discoveries. We would love to have you with us!

Registration is OPEN! Click here to register for this class. It is one of my favorites to facilitate. I hope that you’ll join us!

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