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Now on Patreon!

You can now find Aurora on Patreon: offering forecasts based on the sun's movement through the decans of astrology (and donate to her work as an agent of change!)

You can now support Aurora’s work on Patreon: where she offers multiple offerings for those who would like to support agents of change (or become one themselves!)

Below are the options she has created as her commitment to nourishing the art of personal and collective transformation.

Support the agents of change! This option allows you to fund Aurora’s work as a writer and mentor, even if the content does not call to you. Your contributions are greatly valued and appreciated.

The sun feeds us with what we need to survive and thrive: tap into these powers by subscribing to Aurora’s nine-day forecast based on the cycle of the sun!

Using the decans of astrology: she breaks up the traditional 12 signs of astrology into 36 essences that can be understood, honored and channeled into daily life so that we can make the most of the life-sustaining energy available to us in the moment.

To those inspired, curious and committed to empowered living: welcome!

This tier includes Aurora’s nine-day forecast as well as a digital PDF download for your personal intention during that cycle. This 5 x 7″ download can be printed, filled in by you to focus your efforts and framed as a reminder of the change you are creating in yourself as well as the world at large.

Your generosity and willingness to engage with the magical work of transformation are two components of creating change in the world. (They might not be the only two, but they sure do help!)

Click here to read more about Aurora’s intentions on Patreon and discover other creatives worth supporting.

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