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Leo I: 2020 Talisman

Cabra Woodwell has crafted a really amazing step-by-step spell that forges a talisman of Leo I sun energy!

I am fortunate to know some pretty cool magicians. I am even more fortunate to know some amazing witches that are into the same type of astrology magic that I am.

The following is a repost from my home community of ReclaimingPGH. It is a step-by-step working crafted by Cabra Woodwell that reveals how to create a talisman out of the sun’s energy in Leo I! For the next nine days, this spell can be performed. Waiting any longer than that means that you will have to wait until next year to do it accurately and effectively.


Posted on by Cabra Woodwell

Many witches channel the moon in their magical work, but have you ever harnessed the essence and vitality of the sun in your spells?

The following is for those who are curious about the power of sun magic and using the decans of astrology in spellwork. This is a simple, yet potent working that harnesses the vitality of the current sun in Leo I to be used now or later. Timing is key with this working! Be sure to read all of the instructions before beginning. This will ensure that your working will be as effective as possible.

What is a “decan”?

A decan is an ancient method of dividing the 12 traditional signs of the zodiac into 36: allowing more specificity to be used in deciphering and embracing the unique energies of each sign. This practice was created thousands of years ago in Africa, then disappeared before reappearing in Asia, then Europe. For more information about the decans, you can pre order Austin Coppock’s updated version of 36 Faces: The History and Magic of the Decans (or ask Aurora for more information, as she was fortunate enough to be gifted the first edition of this book!)

Decan information:

Leo I: “The Spotlight”

Being seen by many people. The ability to direct the attention of others. Visibility and Invisibility. Recognition. Pride. Drama both backstage and on stage. “Star Power.” Strife between stars. Appearance hardening into reality. Charm. Achievement. Grace. Style. Mastery over appearance, revelation and concealment.

Questions to consider:

What are you doing that deserves to be celebrated?
How are you an inspiration to others?
What are your feelings about being the center of attention?
What do you wish that others would see in you?

Sample Intents:

  • I am seen. 
  • I am seen as I truly am.
  • I cannot be ignored. 


Any day between July 23rd and Aug 2nd when the sun is between the Ascendant and Midheaven (dawn to noon). Sunday the 26th would be the most traditional day

Basic Materials

  1. A flat space to hold your materials
  2. Something you can make into the talisman*
  3. Water and a snack for you
  4. Eyeball protection

* Ideas for talisman

  • Solar crystal
  • Solar plants 
  • Solar paper sigil 
  • Solar food + drink

👉 You can combine more than one of these into a charm bag

Sample Sigil

Digital rendering created by Juniper Caldera

Fancy Extras

If you are familiar with a spirit or deity of the sun, bring their icon and an offering

☀️ Poems or songs of the sun

☀️ Solar incense

☀️ A ritual garment

☀️ A protective pendant

☀️ Altar cloth (yellow and white are traditional, gold is bonus points)

Steps for Talisman working

  1. Set up your altar so that you face the sun while you work (this should be East-ish)
  2. Ground
  3. Cast sacred space
  4. Connect with your higher self or godself
  5. Hail the sun
  6. If you have offerings, give them now
  7. If you raise energy, raise it now (this is when the poem or music is really useful)
  8. Focus the energy into the talisman
  9. Seal the talisman: If you used a crystal, anoint it with oil or water. If you are making a sigil, charge the writing utensil and seal in the energy by writing the sigil. If you used a charm bag, tie it shut (7 or 3 knots is traditional). If baking, place in oven.
  10. Once done, thank the sun and any solar spirits/deities you invited
  11. Take down circle
  12. Eat snack

Happy Leo I season, everyone! May your magic be bright and beautiful: just like you. ☀️

We would love to hear how this working goes for you, especially since timing is so vital to astrology talismans and it is unlikely that we will all create them at the same time.

What will you use your Leo I talisman for? What were your results? Feel free to comment below!

A link to the original post can be found here. We love submissions from our community on the topics of magic, spells, witchcraft, activism, astrology, herbal medicine, tarot, ritual, crystals, paganism, empowerment and community building! If you have writing that you would like to submit, please email us:

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