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Leo II: Patreon Forecast

Happy Lammas ☀️ Here is a complimentary ten day forecast while the sun is in the decan of Leo II. Subscribe on Patreon to read more!

Summer is the perfect time to get back to Sun Magic: the season is peaking and Lammas has gifted our surroundings with an array of goodies. I am grateful to return to my decan forecasts when the omens from the Center-of-our-Universe are so pleasing to the senses! There might be a lot of drama in the world and in our homes, but we are supported in so many ways.

The following is the decan forecast for the current astro-weather. Read on if you’re curious about how to best flow with the cycles of life and nourish yourself with the sun’s energy.

August 3 – August 13: The Sun in LEO II

As the sizzling tango of Leo I comes to an end: our performance is met with grand approval from the crowd. So many onlookers begin to rise up from their seats to applaud, whistle, cheer, hoot and sing their praises of joy about what they’ve just witnessed. The way that we have expressed ourselves in front of all those people has paid off! We nailed our performance: being on point and in-the-moment is now met with gratification. And. We. Deserve. It.

This pocket of Leo’s energy is about success, but not the act of doing something draining for it. We succeed just by being ourselves: doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time, with the right folx paying attention to us. It’s a thrilling experience!

Imagine for the next ten days, everything is destined to go our way.

Every traffic light turns green as we approach it. Every meal is cooked to perfection. Our timing is perfect, the punchline is HILARIOUS, our delivery is exceptional and the whole group bursts out laughing. Tears of laughter!  Every stitch of our essence is outstanding and immediately met with delight from others. It feels good to do, too. 

While this may not be the case in every scenario we encounter, what if everything that happened in our lives for a short period of time was an opportunity for us to show up exactly as we are AND be met with approval? Collective praise? The sensation of thriving just by being alive right here and now?

There is also a great responsibility that comes with being successful. It is vital that we not only take pride in who we are, but recognize the privileges that come with being honored by others. These perks and power effect other people: and nothing is a greater test of character than praise and gratification. This is the ideal time to analyze the privileges that come with your social status and ask for feedback!

If winning the game of life feels intimidating in the current climate: that’s real. We are facing a ton of collective challenges that make it seem unlikely that every single thing in life will work to our advantage….  but the skies are offering us the most succulent gift for the next week and a half 👉 Blessings upon who we are now and how we want to be remembered. Because we are necessary. And more than one person is allowed to win in this world.

Who we choose to be matters. Who we ARE is important. For whoever needs to hear this: I’m grateful for you. 

Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. Hail and welcome: Leo II!

If you haven’t heard the news yet: I am now on Patreon! I offer a few tiers of support and creative exchange for those who enjoy following my writing as a queer astrologer and witch. Every donation helps support my work of empowering others and deciphering the meaning of the movements of our Universe. You can subscribe by clicking the link above!

I am proud to serve my community in this line of work: what are you proud of this Leo season?

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