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Do your part: Libra Magic for Breonna Taylor

The skies are feeding us powerful energy that supports due process right now: we, the white people and community living on this stolen land, have a responsibility to do what’s right now more than ever.

I keep thinking about the Sun (vitality and life force) entering into Libra this week: the sign and energy of honor. Balance. Justice. Ethics. Fairness…. How is it possible that our United States “Justice System” can make such an UNfair, UNjust, DIShonorable ruling in the case against Breonna Taylor’s murderers? How can such a betrayal of ethics and values happen during Libra I’s fuel in our skies?

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This is false justice. Those in power are abusing their position and have always abused it on this land we call “The United States” that was forcefully colonized hundreds of years ago thanks to this same exact system of values. The Government here has never been fair. It has always tipped the scales toward domination, oppression, gluttony and greed. It strives to keep the truly honorable docile, busy and focused on hate and fear of diversity.

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This ruling happened during Libra because the courts are completely biased and available for purchase to the highest bidder. Why should we keep working for True Justice in the future after what is yet again another infuriating abuse of Lawfulness? Make more posters? Show up to more protests? Keep fighting against this complete lack of accountability?

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What we do matters and you (yes, YOU!) are more powerful and influential than you have been lead to believe.

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IMAGE: The Magican tarot card by Pamela Coleman Smith placed atop a copper cauldron with a plant blossoming at the top

The skies are feeding us powerful energy that supports due process right now: we, the white people and community living on this stolen land, have a responsibility to do what’s right now more than ever. To apologize, to do better, to consider our impact, to unlearn lies, to acknowledge our bias, to USE that privilege we have been given to push down as hard as we can on the other side of that scale. To weigh in on what Justice actually is and why it’s absolutely worth trying even harder with everything we’ve got.

Pluto (trauma and transformation), Saturn (boundaries and limitations), Jupiter (faith and belief systems), and the Moon (emotion and needs) are ALL in Capricorn right now. Capricorn is the sign of: hierarchies, sustainability, responsibility and integrity. We’ve been feeling the heavy, excess energy of Capricorn for a long while now via all the planets listed above. It’s no mistake that abuses of power in leadership are so overt and bellowing for us to deal with them.

Where Libra is an AIR sign about inspiration, conversations and realizations, Capricorn is an EARTH sign: a producer, a planner, an organizer. They vibe! And both are ultra-committed to their responsibilities. All those same planets in Capricorn offer us the underbelly of Capitalist Domination. It’s SO obvious that it’s over the top. This excess energy and collective mismanagement need to be dealt with and NOW is the time where what we do is most effective, as Libra is fueling our attention.

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IMAGE: Two of Swords tarot card by Pamela Coleman Smith centered between an apple cut in half

Mars (willpower and desire) is retrograde in Aries, the third CARDINAL sign of the bunch. Cardinal signs: initiate, begin and act. The fire in our bellies and hearts are lit with warrior passion: what that motivation is capable of in these turbo-charged skies is limitless. In fact, while retrograde planet activity does not usually go according to plan, Mars still adds their spice to the soup of our revolution: allowing that heat to spread in the name of Justice even if it happens in unexpected ways.

You know what other planet is in Libra right now? Mercury (thoughts and communication) reminds us too that our words, ideas, awareness and ability to talk about the epic failure to Breonna Taylor and her beloveds is vital to changing this abusive dynamic. In a few weeks, Mercury is going to move backwards through where it has already traveled in Libra: meaning that we’ll have plenty of time to think about how we can contribute toward Justice in her name. Let’s use it well.

Looking for some ways to fight for Justice, white allies?

⚖️ Visit the #JusticeforBre website: one way to support this cause as a white ally is to refrain from devoting all of your time to your own ideas of what helping looks like and support POC who have already begun taking action. This website describes what Breonna’s mother and family want to see happen, includes a link to donate bail money to protestors, and a GoFundMe link to send monetary support to her family.

⚖️ Educate yourself: read the articles about what happened to Breonna Taylor. Stay in the loop regarding what actions are being taken against protestors fighting for Justice in her name. Check your sources and share only what is verified to stop the spread of disinformation. KEEP TELLING HER STORY: #sayhername Pass your accumulated information on to others. If you find an article written by a columnist of color that inspires you to fight for equality: follow them. Donate to them. Repost and echo their voices and use your privilege to spread their truth.

⚖️ Hold other white allies accountable: did someone say they were going to show up to a protest then “become busy”? Ask them why they prioritized themselves over their commitment to racial justice. Overhear a conversation that is exchanging false information about police brutality and reform? Correct them and offer factual resources. It’s one thing to say we are an ally, but follow through is a non-negotiable part of that social contract. I know life it hard right now and having another exhausting conversation that might not come to an understanding is awful, but people of color are being murdered. Do your part.

⚖️ Do not become numb or indifferent to injustice: Breonna Taylor’s case ruling is not a rare outcome when it comes to police violence against people of color going to court. It’s devastating every time there is no accountability and it’s happening all the time. It is sad and infuriating, eventually leading to feelings of numb hopelessness. We are human and this is a natural process of self-protection. However we cannot allow ourselves to become accustomed to lawlessness and a lack of morals being normal. Check out this great article for a step-by-step process of witnessing, feeling, coping, then acting when appropriate as designed by a trauma therapist.

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IMAGE: Portrait of Breonna Taylor among many flowers by Bill Robinson

May her memory be served by consciously resisting the urge to lose hope. May Libra, Capricorn and Aries create the energy needed to finally transform this system into one of support, equality and fairness instead of suppression and violence. May Breonna Taylor’s murderers get exactly what they deserve. May she rest in Power: the focal point of due process invoked by The People that happening right now in her name.

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