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Sound Healing Outdoor Fundraiser

Aurora and Leslie McAllister of Ceremonial metaphysical shop in Point Breeze are offering a Pay-What-You-Can fundraiser at Mellon Park: a concert of crystal singing bowls and energy healing!

I have been fascinated by crystal singing bowls as a healing modality for years. When played, each one creates a note and vibration that coorelates with each of the seven primary chakras (energy centers and major glands) of the human body.

While science has mixed reviews about their efficacy in healing disease, many practitioners and listeners report lowered anxiety, ptsd, chronic pain, sleep disorders and heightened immune responses. As a retired yoga teacher, metaphysical practitioner and spiritual channel: I know that these centers are very real and tuning them to the frequency that is ideal for that area of the body has made a tremendous difference in my life.

When I play the whole set, I feel restored, relaxed, centered and in my power. It’s a pronounced difference! I’m excited to share this practice with those who are willing to come and experience this magic for themselves.

Curious? Join me and Leslie McAllister of Ceremonial (metaphysical shop located in Point Breeze) at Mellon Park this Sunday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm for a two part concert!

Part I: a full energy balancing from root to crown.

Part II: customized 5-minute intuitive healing ballads for whatever ails your body and spirit.

We have decided to perform this offering during a time where restoration, hope and remediation are oh so needed in the world. Cost of admission is Pay-What-You-Can: 100% of all earnings will be sent to Hearts with Haiti, as our hearts are certainly with them at this time of extreme upheaval and suffering in their country. Because Leslie is such a generous witch, she has also decided to match every single donation to double our gift to this foundation.

For more information, check my stories above. Please wear a mask if you plan on attending regardless of your vaccination status! We hope to see you soon 🎡

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